Sunday, September 26, 2010

One for the Andy Rooney Crowd...

Did you ever notice how...just kidding.

I'm making a concerted effort to keep this blog on topic and not let it devolve into my personal soapbox. This post is, however, only marginally connected to woodworking. So there you've been warned.

The woodworking connection is that I won a #5 1/2 jack plane off eBay two weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. Yes, the seller took about three days to ship it but that's not unheard of. The real issue here is the US Postal Service. Check out the tracking info:
[Insert joke about government operations here]

Before I moved to Atlanta I would've said that Memphis and Atlanta are pretty close. After all, Georgia and Tennessee share a border. I can assure you that they are not close. I've made the drive and it is a quite a haul. 

I understand that mistakes happen occasionally, but I emailed the seller about this and she said that it happens all the time! Is it any wonder that businesses who depend on high customer satisfaction use FedEx and UPS?

Here's something to ponder: USPS's financials are already abysmal; imagine what they would be like if there was no junk mail. I may be ready to see this dinosaur put out of its misery.

Okay, no more whining for at least two weeks.

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